The „Eco Life” is an international younth exchange co-financed by European Union  by „Erasmus +” Program ,  under this project will work 46 participants from 5 European countries (Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Estonia, Spain) it will take place in the Poiana Negri, Suceava, Romania on 9 to 19 October 2016. Poiana Negri is located in a picturesque area of the Carpathians, which has a beautiful nature ecologically clean air and water, which will positively influence the thinking of the participants towards environment protection. This project is one that advocates a lifestyle that promotes nature conservation and investing time and resources to it. The project aims to initiate the 46 participants from 5 European countries ecological culture through non formal and exchange of ideas and expertise in a multicultural environment. The theme is interest because society feels the need for information and the circulation of ecological culture.
Modern society needs to be healthy to maintain the fast pace of work, and to preserve health need a clean ecological environment. Unfortunately, ecology is not yet an issue of broad interest in Romania, and teaching environmental education in schools is only optional, so we want to raise awareness on this issue.
Environmental protection is a theme present and a priority of the modern world that is found in the Sustainable Development Strategy of the European Union, but still once people do not want to consume the proper time to green areas at risk of pollution in the native communities  of that the project „Eco Life” motivate young people to not only keep nature intact but also to actively participate in actions for greening, planting trees or FlashMobs of awareness.