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The 2nd edition of the Eco Life project will take place between 1 july 2018 and 31 january 2019, the activities will be organized between 16 and 28 Octomber, including 2 days of travel. 40 young people and 5 group leaders from 5 European countries : Romania, Slovakia, Portugal, Croatia, Italy will participate in this project. The project will take place at Poiana guesthouse in Poiana Negri village, Suceava county. We have chosen this location for many reasons, the good relations with the board, the local authorities and the local media created in other projects of our volunteers, but the most important reason is placing the guest house in ecologically clean area that will facilitate the development of eco friendly thinking by the participants.

The purpose of the EcoLife 2 project is to facilitate the exchange of good environmental practices and to find ecofriendly habits that could be used by the 45 project participants in everyday life as well as improving the materials created in the first edition of the project.

Objectives „Eco Life 2”:
1. Anchoring to the 45 young people in 5 countries ecofriendly principles and their motivation to get involved in at least 1 nature protection action for 4 months after activities.
2. Environmental awareness of each promoter’s local community by creating an ecofriendly brochure and distributing it offline by participants in at least 1,500 copies for 3 months after activities.
3. Create new materials (brochures, promo videos, flashmobs, etc.) to update the blog and reach the target of 2000 views by January 1st , 2019.



Romania- Asociatia ”Geo Club”

Slovacia- Youth for Equality,

Italia – Green Rope,


Portugalia – Work Educate Study Train.